Organizing the Teachers Desk

A few years back I invested in this organizer:

The top has 6 sections where I keep:
  • lesson plans
  • grade book & papers to be graded
  • grade level standards 
  • paperwork to copy, to file, take to office, etc.
  • extras - worksheets/activities used as fillers or back-up when lessons don't go as planned
  • spiral notebook & clipboard - I keep a spiral notebook every year to write down notes from staff meetings, grade level meetings, conferences, reminders, etc.  The clipboard is something I carry with me while teaching small groups so I can note behavior and not forget!
The bottom has 2 trays where I keep:
  • family communication log
  • sub folder

I have bookcases by my desk.  That's where I keep my teacher's guides, binders with supplemental materials, drawers with specials items (ie. stickers, awards, homework/behavior notes, etc.) and my weekly files.  I don't have this organizer, but I do something similar:

Each tub holds everything needed for one day during the week.  It works for me because after I make a stack of copies, it's easy to dump everything into the right tub.

How do you keep your teacher's desk organized?


Lisa R. said...

Where did you get that 6 section organizer? It looks like exactly what I need. I have some cheap Wal Mart organizers, but they are not doing the trick.

I would love for you to stop by & follow my blog!,
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Ms. Jessica said...

I have a similar set up but I just love that organizer that you have! I could definitely use those two bins under my folders! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm your newest follower!
A Turn to Learn

Junie Lee said...

Organizing your paperwork isn’t difficult and the benefits pay dividends every day when you’re able to save time by finding things easily and prevent important information from getting lost. I'm using also that kind of letter tray.

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