Guided Math - Chapter 9

Guided Math
Chapter 9 - Putting it Into Practice

I thought this would be one final, "A-ha" chapter, but I will admit I was let down.  Was it just because I was tired, or did you feel that way, too?  My hope was that I would find a chapter that really painted a picture of a day in the life of Guided Math.  I wanted to read about how all the pieces connected during one math block (warm-up, mini-lesson, small group lessons, math workshop tasks, conferences, etc.).  Now that I have finished reading the book I have been given confirmation that I CAN incorporate Guided Math & Math Workshop into my classroom, I AM doing many things right so far, and I WILL be able to add some of those pieces I have been avoiding without too much difficulty.

So, how am I putting Guided Math into practice?  I developed a Math Workshop format that would work in my classroom using the acronym Math T.I.M.E.  I have created a Math Workshop binder where I am currently collecting resources for math warm-ups, independent work, buddy games, and extension activities.  I have tracked down several resources for math literature. 

What do I still need?  I will need ongoing support this fall from my blogger buddies as I jump in with both feet.  I am still looking for a way to document math conferences that will work for me.  I'm working out a schedule for math warm-ups.  I like the table on pg. 86, but still want to modify it to fit my students & teaching style.   Does anyone have any other recommendations for further reading on Guided Math & Math Workshop? 

I have received a few comments & e-mails asking for more information about my Math T.I.M.E. ideas and my Math Workshop binder. If there is something specific you want to see or have me share leave me a comment and I will be sure to include it in a future post :)


Amanda said...

I felt the same way while reading the book. SO many great ideas... buuuuttt how was I suppose to do it?!?! I feel like I just jumped into guided math and had a lot of trial and error. You sort of figure it out along the way I guess. Excited to see how TIME works out for you this year though! I love new math ideas.

Reaching for the TOP!

Brenda said...

I think the consternation you are feeling of not having a set schedule program is also the beauty of guided math: it's flexible & meant to be responsive to both student needs & teacher 'style'. Like Amanda, says, it may take a bit of playing around with it to see what works best for you & your kiddos.
I've had the same thoughts as you about a support group type thing...working on a weekly feature? Would you be in?

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