What I'm Working On

It's Wednesday and here's what I have been working on:

First, I'm looking into doing a Star of the Week board.  I want to feature one student each week.  I'm thinking the student could bring in photos to put on the board along with filling out some kind of All About Me sheet.  So, how many of you do some version of Star of the Week?   If you have posted a photo on your blog or pinned something on Pinterest, send me a link because I want to check it out!  Even if you don't have a photo I would still like to hear about how you incorporate this into your classroom.

Next, have you seen this on Pinterest? 

I really liked the simplicity of it, but didn't just want to copy it.  If you know me, I love a good acronym.  Here's what I put together:

background: 3AM Teacher (Michelle Tsivgadellis)

What do you think?   Is this something you would actually use in your own classroom?  I can make a few different backgrounds if there is enough interest.  You can get your own copy of this poster by clicking on the freebies tab near the top of my page.


Tracey Schimke said...

I love your LINE poster. I would use that in my room! I do a star of the week tied to my theme for the year. This year is mystery so it'll be Detective of the Week. I have them fill in a paper and bring things from home. On Friday we share everything. The kids love it!

Kate said...

I'm also going to do STAR of the week this year. I think it's a great idea! If I see any good resources, I'll send them your way!

Kate :)
Second Grade Sparkle

Lisa R. said...

I think your LINE poster looks great!! That would definitely be something that I would be interested in using in my classroom. :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Amanda said...

Have you read how Beth Newingham does her star of the week? I am doing a King/Queen of the Jungle this year and I follow her format. I tried it out last year and the kids loved it! I loved it too! One of the days during the week, a family member will come have lunch with the child, and my favorite was reading aloud a letter a family member wrote to them about how awesome they were. It was phenomenal. Check it out HERE and let me know if you have any questions about it :)

Reaching for the TOP!

LuAnn Garrett said...

Where can I get the LINE poster and the parent contact log?

Storie said...

Hi LuAnn,
You can grab the LINE poster and parent contact log from my freebies page. There is a tab near the top of my page, just under my header. Once you're there, just scroll until you see the images you want.

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