Organization, Part 1

In the past few days I have managed to sneak over to school for a bit to work on organizing my teacher area of the classroom.  Here is a little peek at my progress.

First up - Weekly Organization Tubs
I have mentioned before that I use a system similar to the one Lakeshore sells.  Here is a comparison of the two :
As I do my planning, I can just place the copies & materials needed into the correct bin.  I'm also thinking about devoting each day to planning a different subject - Math on Mondays, Content Area on Tuesdays, etc.  Does anyone else plan this way?  What are the pros and cons?

Next up - Teacher Supplies
 I saw a lot of teacher toolboxes this summer on Pinterest and on your blogs.  I really wanted to make one, but I didn't think it would be the most useful tool for me.  So, I had these drawers that I had been using to store the math fact timings for my kiddos.  I thought this would be better used as a supply organizer.  It is currently on a shelf behind my teacher desk.  The best part is my pens & markers fit in the drawers PERFECTLY!

Last one (for today) - Game Storage 
This one isn't really organizing my teacher supplies, but I have been working on getting files back into my file cabinet.  I wanted these tubs to be ready for when I finally dig out my game files.  These are two tubs that I already had.  They each have a lip on the inside for hanging files.  Most of my games are stored in ZipLoc baggies, but I want to have them organized and filed away so the kids can access them independently. 

Do you love looking at the photos of other people's classrooms as much as I do?  Unfortunately, my classroom won't be ready for weeks since we don't start until after Labor Day, but I'll try to keep posting pictures of my progress.


Sandy said...

I love looking at pictures of other people's classrooms too!!! Yours looks great so far! You will be very organized this year!!! We don't go back until after Labor Day too! So don't forget to enjoy these last few weeks of summer and do something fun!!! :-)

Elizabeth said...

All of your oganization is truly inspiring.

Lauren said...

I LOVE looking at other teacher's classrooms too! It is so interesting to me to see how other teachers set everything up. Good work so far!!

Lauren C

Tania said...

Your organization bins are very nice...and a nicer/cheaper way than Lakeshore's :)
My Second Sense

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