Dear Mrs. B (Letters from Second Graders)

 We have started writing friendly letters in my second grade classroom.  Once a week (or so), my students will write me a letter.  They must have the five parts of a friendly letter, answer the questions they were asked, and ask anywhere from 2-5 new questions back.  They are also allowed to share anything else they would like to write in their letter.

When we started, I wrote a letter to the class.  It said something like:

Dear Class,
        How are you doing?  I am great.  I am excited to write letters back and forth with you this year.  Did you know that I play soccer one day a week?  What are some of your favorite things to do?  I hope you write back to me soon.
                                          Mrs. Belden

 Our school's literacy coach was in my classroom teaching while I started my reading assessments.  We had practiced an oral response for our letters the day before and she helped them put it into writing.  Here are a few of the letters I received from my students. 

For the first letter, many of them forgot to include some questions to ask back to me. Since that happened while I was out of the room, I wrote a second letter to the entire class.  When the students wrote their second letters, I was able to check each one to make sure that 2-5 questions were written down.  Now, I just need to carve out a few minutes each day to respond to my kiddos :)

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Tammy said...

There's nothing like having a real audience for a piece of writing. Lovely idea!

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