You Think I'm How Old? and Tell Me Something Good

Second graders still need a lot of practice with listening to and following directions.  In our first math unit, the students are working with the number grid.  They are learning the shortcuts for +1, -1, +10, and -10.  For some who do not have a strong foundation in number sense, this can be a challenging and difficult task.  After teaching the shortcuts for the second time, I decided to do a quick assessment on who was getting it and who needed more instructional time and practice.  Here are six results from my class.  You'll notice some similarities in the results and you can probably identify two students who really struggled with this task. 

However, I want you to pay attention to the numbers that are circled on each page:

 I asked my students to think about how old I am and circle that number on their page.  I got a lot of gasps and curious looks because so many wanted their paper to be 100% right and they just didn't know they answer.  Sad to say, but I had two students guess that I was in my sixties.  When I showed this to my husband, he wanted to know if I gave rewards to all the students who circled numbers in the lower twenties.  Nope, but it was flattering :)
Anyhow, I have been posting a lot about math lately.  I'm hoping to share a little bit about reading, writing, and word study soon.  In reading we have been building stamina for read to self and working on mapping out a story's characters, setting, problem, and solution.  In writing, we are working on friendly letters.  The students are reading a letter from me, identifying questions that need to be answered, and writing back to me using the 5 parts of a friendly letter.  Tomorrow we will start our first word study activity by doing a making words lesson.

Finally, since I am trying to keep myself more focused on the positive this year and not let stress have as much of an impact as it has in the past, I thought now would be a great time to link up with Jennifer over at Rowdy in First Grade. 

She is currently hosting a linky party called, "Tell Me Something Good".  Bloggers are sharing something positive from home and something positive from school. 
Something Good From School
I have really enjoyed using a clip chart for behavior management this year.  I have used the card chart in the past and it was so easy to focus in on the negative behaviors.  This year I am happy to say I am really looking for the positive.  I have had several students at the top of the chart and a few who climbed right off the chart and onto my sleeve.  The kids really do want to please and are trying their best to be the best and brightest stars in the classroom.
Something Good From Home
I spent the 2011-2012 school year at home with my daughter.  I was very blessed to be able to be home with her and watch each and every milestone along the way.  My only hesitation in returning to the classroom this fall was to feel comfortable with my decision on who would watch her each day.  I knew it was meant to be when the pieces fell into place.  Not only is she in capable hands, but she looks forward to going down the street each and every day.  When I pick her up, she greets me with a big hug and smile.  Knowing that my daughter is happy each day makes it easier on this momma to go to school each day.

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Nikki Jones said...

So your hundreds charts CRACK ME UP! A parent just sent me a message about a conversation her two little ones were having about my age. Her 2nd grader said Mrs. Jones is like 18 years old. Her 4th grader responded with no she's at LEAST 20. Kids have no concept of time, money or age and you gotta love 'em for it! I found your blog linked up with Tell Me Something Good and I am your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog.

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