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At our school we have a 30-minute intervention/enrichment block of time 4 days a week.  Our grade level team uses common assessments to determine the skill focus and students for each group.  Right now, I am working with a small group of students on identifying and writing different names for numbers.  The other students in my homeroom are working on independent math stations from our math workshop board.

On the first day, I modeled various ways you can represent a number using several different examples.  Here is what a chart could look like for the number 5:
After modeling more numbers, the students gave suggestions for naming more numbers. 
On another day, I had my students use cards from this pack:

I printed one set for each student on different colors of cardstock paper.  I gave the kids their card sets in a baggie and had them sort the cards into piles.  After they finished, I checked their sorts.  Then I took one set of cards, mixed them up, and put them all face down into an array on the table.  We took turns playing a Memory/Concentration game, looking for matching numbers.  There are 10 cards for each number, so a lot of matches can be made!  These cards can also be used to play Go Fish. 

I have been using this pack with second grade students, but it would also be great for first grade.  My homeroom students were VERY jealous that I was introducing a new game to students who weren't even in our classroom.  I had to promise them I would add the game to our math workstations in the near future :)

If you are interested, click here to grab your own {FREE} copy of the pack.  I would appreciate any feedback you can provide after downloading this file.

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Tracey Schimke said...

You just got BOO-ed! Stop over to my blog to link up!
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Mrs. Wathen said...

Thanks for sharing! The packet looks fantastic:)

The Resourceful Apple

Nichole Falkowski said...

This will be great for some of my intervention students as well! Thanks!

Craft of Teaching

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