October Currently & Keep on Rollin' Winner

Turning the page on the calendar is quickly becoming a sign that it's time for another Currently, hosted by Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade.

Without further ado... 

Halloween Pie
by Michael O. Tunnell
The scent of Old Witch's scrumptious Halloween pie lures Vampire and Ghoul, Ghost and Banshee, Zombie and Skeleton, from their lairs for a midnight feast. This wonderful read-aloud romp, full of spooky sounds and midnight magic, Is sure to be a Halloween favorite.

Vunce Upon a Time
by J.otto Seibold
Dagmar is not like other vampires. He's shy, he's afraid of humans, and . . . he's a vegetarian! But even more than he likes vegetables, Dagmar loves candy. And when he hears about all the treats he can get on Halloween, he knows he has to be brave and venture out into the human world. A wonderful new book from the author and illustrator of Olive, the Other Reindeer.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my newest product.  It is already finding an audience over at TpT and I am excited for other teachers to use the dice games in their math workshop.  My students are loving the games already and it's only Wednesday!

The winner was Teri (A Cupcake for the Teacher).  Teri, I will be e-mailing the dice games to you very soon!  Even if you didn't win, you can click here to head on over to my TpT store to pick up your own copy. 

I have another product that has been finished for awhile.  I had an offer to review it, but it kinda fell through.  Any takers?  It is called Spectacular Spending.  It has activities and worksheets for students working with money.  It's about 30 pages altogether.  Send me an e-mail (atozscrapbook@gmail.com) if you're interested.


Aimee said...

Hi!! Oh my goodness, it's too hot in my neck of the woods for fall clothes too. I want to bring out the boots, but if I did, I would just look silly.

I'm loving those dice games. Just added them to my wishlist!

Primarily Speaking

Heather Bucaroff said...

It's hot here too, I am waiting for the fall weather to show up in San Diego...I have to search for 2 costumes for my kids. Big boy wants to be a transformer...have to get something cute for my 18 month old!

Marcia said...

It has cooled off here in Michigan and our fall colors are so beautiful right now. We can use the cool weather with state testing the next two weeks.

Miss Nelson said...

I love fall weather clothes but it's too hot in FL.

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