This Week's Math Workshop

How is Guided Math & Math Workshop going for you?  I feel confident that we have established the expectations for each rotation, but we are still working on the time management piece.  This is a difficult skill for a lot of second graders.  

When you look at my work board below (imagine it on my crayon pocket chart), you'll notice some purple stars.  These represent the required skills (must-do) items.  When students finish work early during other parts of the day, they are supposed to go through and finish their unfinished work.  Second graders forget to look and just say they don't have any work to do.  When Friday rolls around, they get super sad when I force them to dig out their folders and show them all the empty circles (aka missing assignments) on my clipboard - especially when their friends get to do fun things as a reward for completing work on time.

T - Teacher
Each group will have a different review skill targeted this week (telling time to the quarter hour, counting coin combinations to $1.00, counting bills, and basic number grids).   For students who are currently demonstrating they have met the grade level expectation, we are taking these skills one step further (telling time to the nearest 5 min., counting coin combinations over $1.00, number grids over 100, etc.)

I - Independent Practice

Math Fact Sort (Math Mania Pack)
Double the Fun, Order Up, and Race to the Top (Keep on Rollin' Dice Games Pack)

M - Math Buddies
Addition Top-It, Number Line Squeeze, and Beat the Calculator - Everyday Math games

E - Extend the Lesson 
Math Journal Page - a math boxes page from the Everyday Math journal

Number Scroll (see more info. here)
Number Neighbors - a dice game for practicing number grids

Take 10 - (Math Mania pack)


Miss Nelson said...

Love this ! I use BUILD but yours is too cute.

Mrs. Wathen said...

This is fabulous! Great idea:)

Sandy Lewis said...

Where can I get your board? It is my room colors. I really like it a lot

Storie said...

Hi Sandy! My actual board was a pocket chart (the one that looks like crayons). My T.I.M.E. posters set is on my to-do list for getting an update and then I'll post about it. Thank you for stopping by :)

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