Thankful Paragraphs & How To Brush Your Teeth

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This past week my students worked on writing the things they are thankful for in their own lives.  Normally I have the students make a list, but this was an opportunity to practice writing a paragraph that I just couldn't resist.  First, we brainstormed a list of the things we are all thankful for.  The students used a bubble map to record their ideas.  Next, I modeled several topic sentences the students could use to start their writing with.  After that, the students chose several ideas and put those ideas into sentences using the transition words we have been using in our How-To writing.  After that, I modeled several conclusion sentences students could use.  After editing & revising, students came up with these paragraphs: 

Also, I was finally able to snap some pictures of our completed How To Brush Your Teeth pieces.  All of the writing & craftivities were put onto yellow or teal construction paper.  This writing & craftivity can be found here.  Here is one example of how the final product turned out:
Here you can see how the students were able to personalize their toothbrushes:


Finally, here are some of their completed writing pieces:


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