Can You Keep a Secret? (X-Mas Gifts 2012)

I sent the students home with their family Christmas gifts yesterday. 

This is one example of the cards my students made.  We used the Christmas tree from our die-cut machine if the students chose a red card.  There was a white snowflake available if they chose a green card.  The card is attached to a brown paper lunch sack - high tech, I know :)

When the family opens the card, here is what they find inside:

And finally, when they open the sack and dig through the extra stuffing, the families will find a new ornament inside.  These were SUPER easy to make and are definitely cute (in my opinion).  They are clear glass ornaments that I found at Michaels (a craft store).  They are not round like a sphere, but have more of a flat surface.  The tops came off and a parent helped stuff them with cotton batting (cotton balls would probably work, too).  Then the kids used black and orange sharpie markers to make a snowman face. 

What did your students make for Christmas presents this year?

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Tammy said...

We made ornaments that are somewhat similar to yours and notepads with the kids' art on them. :)
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

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