A Rainbow Blizzard

A Rainbow Blizzard
We were tired of winter weather,
so cold and wet and gray.
We talked to Winter's Wizard.
He made it snow a Rainbow Blizzard!

 Here is what we do with the project:
Materials Needed:
coffee filters
food coloring
gloves (so your hands don't end up tie-dyed)
paper plates for the snowflakes to dry on
optional - spray bottle filled with water

I have the students fold and cut their coffee filter snowflakes. While still folded, a parent volunteer drops food coloring onto the snowflakes. I let my students choose 2 colors.  If the food coloring isn't mixing well or isn't spreading quickly, I have the parent volunteer spray a little bit of water onto the filter.

To listen to the student reactions and watch their little faces light up when their snowflakes were finally opened was priceless!  This is one of my favorite winter projects of all time :)

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