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Oh, when will it snow again? wonders the little family who lives in the snow globe. They long for a swirling snowstorm—if only someone in the big family would pick up the snow globe and give it a great big shake. Baby would love to. She alone notices the little family. She gazes longingly at their snowy little world, but the snow globe is up way too high for her to reach. Then, when a real snowstorm sends the big children outside sledding in the moonlight, Baby finds herself alone in the parlor. . . . Will the snow globe family at last get a chance to go sledding too? As readers follow the parallel adventures of both families, big and little, they will take special pleasure in the miniature world of the snow globe, where the skating pond is the size of a shiny quarter and a snowman is no bigger than a sugar cube.)

After reading this book, I had students finish the following sentence:

If I lived in a snowglobe, I would . . .

After seeing MANY pins on Pinterest, I finally settled on combining the ideas and making my own templates.  We used construction paper and crayons.  We cut light blue circles and black trapezoids.  Then the students drew a winter scene.  Here is how some of our projects turned out:

Everyone's snowglobes were mounted on white and black paper for framing.  Their sentences were typed up and added to the base of the snowglobe.

For those who aren't familiar with the book, the author focuses on two families in the story - one looking in the snowglobe and one looking out.  I actually had two students draw a child looking into the snowglobe.

Finally, here is a picture of my bulletin board.  It isn't filled all the way...a colleague of mine is debating whether she wants to add some snowflakes her class made or not.  We thought of adding a title saying "Second Grade is SNOW Wonderful". 

What other winter projects have you pinned or made in your classroom?  I'd love to see what you're working on :) 

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