My 4-Day Weekend!

I was blessed with a much-needed 4-day weekend.  To top it off, my in-laws took my daughter for most of the weekend so we could go play. 
Last spring we went to Vegas for a few days and were lucky enough to watch the Beatles Love show that Cirque du Soleil put on.  For Christmas my husband bought us tickets to see Amaluna, another Cirque du Soleil show.   I was very excited. I had NO clue what the show was going to be about going in, but I was entertained. There were some very cheesy moments of filler in the middle, but overall I enjoyed it. My favorite part was the chinese acrobats. I can't believe some of the moves they can do!
Our 4-legged babies got spoiled with some extra attention, too.  We took our Jack Russell Terriers to the dog park.  The one on the left is more dominant. At the dog park, you never would have guessed it, though. When the big dogs came running, she cowered. If she could talk, you would probably hear her telling you that she was being picked on. The one on the right is very skittish. When the big dogs came running, she jumped right in the middle of the action. It was kind of nice to see their roles reversed a bit.
Other than that, I was able to tackle grading, planning, organizing, cleaning, and all of that other not-so-fun stuff because I had some time off.  I managed to get all caught up on updating my Magic Tree House packs.  I have 3 books left to complete to have the first 28 books in the series complete.  I also started working on two new files that should be complete sometime this spring. 

My little one came home yesterday before my game.  One of her 2-year molars finally popped through and I think she is cutting another tooth on the bottom row.  She has been chewing on her stuffed animals (not good), but needing some extra snuggles which I love.  In fact, she is just waking up from her nap now so I have to run!  Before I go, one last picture of my lil' sweetie pie on Valentine's Day.

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Tammy said...

She is adorable. What a cute little face. One of my goals in life is to see Cirque du Soleil!
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

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