Roll & Cover Gameboards

One of the word work games my kids enjoy playing is roll and cover.  It is a lot like Bingo.  I teach my students three ways to play: 1-player, 2-player, and small group.  In the game, a student rolls a die.  There is a chart at the top of the page that tells the student what each number means.  The student must look for, correctly read, and cover the word that follows the rule.  If there aren't any words available, the student loses that turn.  Play continues until a student has covered four in a row.
I have created five different versions for my students to play:
Short Vowel (cvc)
Long Vowel (cvce)
Bossy R
Here is a pic of two of my students playing the game:
 Sometimes I laminate, sometimes I don't, but lately sheet protectors are my new best friend.  I print the gameboards on cardstock paper.  Then I insert them into sheet protectors.  There are two gameboards inside each sheet protector so the students always have two games to choose from.  As for cubes, I make my students keep them organized by color in stacks of five in our math manipulatives bin (yes, my OCD is shining brightly).  By using this organizational trick, students can quickly grab the cubes they need to play the games.

Do you want more information on my roll and cover gameboards?  Here are some pics of the product.  You can click on the images below to be taken to the TpT page for more information.

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