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Our school is on a trimester system, so I write report cards three times a year.  When I first started teacher I wrote them all by hand.  I had to painstakingly plan out what I would write first so I wouldn't have to second guess and use gobs of white out.  I am thankful for the computerized version, even when I have to edit and revise to make sure I don't exceed the character limit.
One of the first things I was ever told was to start and end with a positive.  For some students this is a piece of cake.  For others this can provide a creative challenge.  Over the years I have bookmarked and collected pages of resources with ideas for comments to share with families during grading periods.
Since I just finished writing my report cards, I thought this would be a great time to share a great resource with you - just in case you are ever at a loss for words.
Genia Connell wrote a great article for Scholastic last fall (Nov. 2012).  Click the picture to go to the article. 
Image of a piece of paper entitled "101 Report Card Comments"
She includes ideas for each of the following categories:
starting with a positive
personal attributes
 work habits
social skills
setting a goal for a student
closing comments
Here's another from Mrs. Nielson over at Thriving 3rd Graders.  Click the picture to grab the document:
I also found this link to a Teach Net post:
I hope some of these resources help you when you are writing your report cards.  Now that I have finished mine I get to start prepping for conferences.  I hope you have a great week!

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Lori said...

Doesn't it feel good to have them done? When I had to do report cards, it was a challenge to come up with different things to say for each child. :)
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