Ribbit, Ribbit, Round It!

Our second grade team has worked really hard all year on ballpark estimates (aka rounding).  Unfortunately, I have one student who just doesn't get it.  Sometimes she is able to get it right, but other times 84 rounds to 60 and sometimes 32 rounds to 50.  I'm not sure why, but she just doesn't seem to have the number sense to help her with this task. While I only have a few months left with her, I was thinking ahead to next year and how I can improve my teaching.  I looked in the second grade common core standards, but I didn't find rounding.  I did, however, find it in the 3rd grade standards:
NBT 3.1 - Students will use place value understanding to round whole numbers to the nearest 10 or 100.
Our district is not in a financial position to update our curriculum to align to the new standards.  So, I will still be teaching rounding in the form of ballpark estimates.  I started thinking about adding additional resources to my classroom and decided to make something.  I'm calling it Ribbit, Ribbit, Round It.  Thanks to Graphics From the Pond for the great frog clipart!
Right now the file is just under 50 pages and includes activities, games, and worksheets.  I would love another set of eyes on this new product.  Are you game?  Just leave a comment or send me an e-mail if you're interested.  As a thank you for helping me out you'll get the product for free :)  Thanks in advance!


Patty Rutenbar said...

I'd be happy to look it over for you, zip it over to prutenbar@sturgisps.org and I'll check it out and get back to you!

Second In Line

Jennifer Parker said...

I would love to check it out.


Michelle Jaquillard said...

Oh I would love to help you!

LuAnn Garrett said...

I would love to help out!! Love the frogs (my theme for my room)! Super cool!!!

jeniferstephens said...

I also struggle with this. Sometimes it is like they compete to say the biggest number. I would love to help out by looking at your file. Thank you for offering!

jeniferstephens said...

Sorry, an email would be helpful!


Storie said...

Thank you so much for all of the offers to proof my file. I went ahead and sent it to the first on the list :)

e Reyes said...

Please let us know when it's for sale, as I see you have plenty if eyes to help edit. LOVE it!

Pinch Me I Must Be Dreaming said...

Mrs. Belden, you're so popular! :)

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