Thanking My Volunteers (Monday Made-It)

I am so glad that summer is {almost} here so I can check out the weekly Monday Made-It posts for new ideas.  Since I'm still in school for the rest of the week, I thought I'd share what I made for my volunteers.

I filled baggies with Andes mints and York Peppermint Patties.  I also wrote a thank you card and inserted a Starbucks gift card.  Then I attached a card that says, "Thanks a 'Latte' Your work with my students this year really 'mint' a lot!

You can grab your own copy of the tags by clicking the picture below:

For some of my other volunteers, I had the kids write thank you notes on index cards and attached them with a metal ring.  Our school mascot is the star.  I found cups with stars on them.  I put starbursts inside.  Then I wrote a card that says, "You are the STAR of our school!"  I slipped the ring of thank you notes onto the top of the straw.

I can't wait to see what everyone else has started making!

1 comment:

Sara B said...

The star cups are so cute! What a great idea.

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