World's Greatest Dads

In my district, school doesn't let out until mid-June.  This leaves us in a predicament each year - to celebrate Father's Day or not.  This year we get out the Friday before Father's Day.  I contemplated not doing something, but decided I could tie it in with our writing pretty easily and get them sent home well before the holiday.  This would leave me the last week of school to focus on tying up loose ends and not trying to worry about who didn't finish their project.
We have been diving into opinion writing this trimester.  I had my kids brainstorm all of the things they love about their dads (or special father-like figures).  Then we worked on adding our opinion starters to our sentences to make paragraphs. 

Because our topic was why students think their dad is so great, we decorated the front of our cards with award ribbons.  Students had the choice to use one printed on yellow paper or they could decorate their own:

I love the way the student added lines to make the ribbon look three dimensional around the center circle.  She was so impressed that I noticed the look she was trying to go for.  The one on the right captured my eye because I LOVE polka dots!

In the end, we put the cards together and the students were so excited to take them home (a week early).  They seriously couldn't wait :)
Oh, and for the record - I have 4.5 more days left!

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