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 Just had lunch with a great friend and I'm in a super duper good mood!  Two more days until the BIG Back-to-School Sale over at TpT...but who's counting? (This Girl)

Yesterday I showed you some of my top wishlisted and best deals for reading.  Today I'm switching the focus to math.  Oh, and I have a little surprise for you at the end if you make it all the way through the post (hint, hint).

These games were a favorite all year long with my students during math.  When I first created them I was looking for engaging activities that my students could do without a partner.  I print them off on cardstock and put them into sheet protectors.  My students used them all year long without a problem.  Each pack has 5 different games inside (some with more than one level of difficulty).  The bundle contains all 15!

 Tasty Tally Marks
This was one of my earliest products and is still one of my best-selling math games.  I updated it this summer so not only does it include a matching game, but it now has four worksheets (with answer keys).

This also has some of my favorite games and activities to do with my students.  My kids loved Take 10 and the math fact sorts.  In fact, I just printed up a new set of game cards for Take 10 and have them cut and ready for lamination to start the year!

This is one of my newer math products.  It took forever to get everything just right and I'm sure I'll still play around with it in the near future, but for now I'm happy with it.  This pack gives ample opportunity for students to practice matching analog and digital times through matching games and worksheets have been provided for additional practice.  I made one for each time interval and have included how each pack aligns to Common Core.




Now, are you still with me?  Good.  Would you like the chance to win one of your wishlisted items before you can buy it?  Now is your chance.  Leave me a comment below with one item from my store that is on your wishlist.  Oh, and don't forget to leave me your e-mail address so I can contact you.  I'll choose a random number tomorrow and announce it here on the blog.  Just click on the image below to head to my store.  Good luck!
 This opportunity has ended.  Thanks for entering!


scrambledhenfruit said...

So many things on my wish list- hard to choose one! The Magic Tree House Mega Bundle is one that I've been wishing for. Thanks! :)

leo emory said...

I've had my eye on your Let's Take a Break pack (the one with the swirls). Thanks!

Roxanne Sterling said...

Your products are so awesome!! I have my eyes on Keep on Rollin' Bundle (15 Independent Dice Games for Math Workshop)


kaylee said...

Ooh - you know I love your stuff. If I win I want your Roll & Cover Game Boards Bundle. Thank you so much!!!

Mrs. Leeby said...

You have such great products!!! xoxoxo

Learning With Mrs. Leeby

Garden Full of Knowledge said...

Oh my! What a generous offer! Thank you so much! I've had my eye on two major products. They're the Magic Tree House MEGA bundle and the mini bundle. You have such lovely products!

jeniferstephens said...

I would have to agree with several others. The Magic Tree House Mega Bundle would be my choice from your list of wonderful products offered in your store.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Carly Valencio said...

I have two products on my wishlist: Magic Tree House MEGA Bundle and Horrible Harry Growing Bundle. I would love to win either one of those. Thanks!
carly (

Lily Harper said...

ooh...anything from your store? I am in LOVE with your Keep on Rollin' Dice Games. Thanks so much!

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