Two - 2 - Dos - II

We've hit the terrible terrific 2s in our household. 
My baby girl is turning 2!

Pinterest was the "perfect" place to find some inspiration for this momentous occasion.  If you do a search for terrible twos on Pinterest, you are faced with a glorious montage of people who have pinned photographs of their 2-year olds in the midst of a major meltdown.  Either way, there are some great little funnies in there, too.

In the eyes of a 2-year old:
What's mine is mine!
What's yours is mine!
What's their's is mine!

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Ha, ha - been there, done that! 

Terrible Two's - funny onesie


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Anyhow, I wanted to celebrate this special day with you.  There are two ways to join in the fun:

First, you can win TWO items from my TpT store.  To enter, tell me your favorite activity or outing to do with a 2-year old.  Leave a comment with your e-mail address and you will be automatically entered to win.

Second, I'm having a 2 for the price of 1 sale in my TpT store on Friday & Saturday (3-1-13 and 3-2-13).  If you make a purchase on either of those days, send me an e-mail to let me know (  In your e-mail, tell me your TpT username, what you bought, and the item you'd like for free (equal or lesser value, please).  Do not purchase the second item - I'll send it to you for free.  In order to ensure that your message doesn't get lost in my junk mail, make sure to use the subject line BOGO 2nd Birthday.

I can't wait to help my little girl celebrate!  I don't know if I'm more worried that she will spit on the cake while blowing out her candle or that her cake won't live up to the fabulous creation my friend made for her first birthday.  Hmm...good thing my priorities are in order and I know that the only thing I need to worry about is making memories with my little sweetie pie!

Enjoy your weekend :)

What's for Dinner?

Maybe I'm hungry.  Maybe I'm bored.  Maybe I'm finding other things to do except the one thing that needs to be done the most (not to mention the one I'm dreading the most).  So, I decided I would venture off of school topics and delve into the world of meal planning.
Sometimes I feel like we keep rotating the same meals in and out, week after week.  Some of the foods we know and love:
Pizza (homemade)
Spaghetti & Meatballs

I like what we make for dinners, but sometimes I just want something different (without having to go out for dinner).  Luckily, Pinterest has saved the day on more than one occasion.  Here are a few Pinterest ideas that have been served in our house & made the cut to be served again (and again):
Buffalo Chicken Pasta
(Source: The Girl Who Ate Everything)
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Do you go to Costco?  Have you ever had the Jack Daniel's Barbecue Chicken?  I found a recipe where you can make something very similar and it is so incredibly easy:
Zesty Slow Cooker Chicken Barbecue
(Source: All Recipes)
Zesty Slow Cooker Chicken Barbecue Recipe
Another crockpot meal:
Chicken Ole
(Source: Crockpot Ladies)
crock-pot chicken ole casserole
For the days when we want to add a little seafood to our meals:
Kicked-Up Tuna Melts
(Source: Have Recipes Will Cook)
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Oh, and we're having breakfast for dinner tonight:
Sausage, Egg, & Cheese Breakfast Braid
(Source: Elizabeth's Edible Experience)
Pinned Image
Do you have any go-to favorite meals?  I would love to add some new ones to our rotation. 

My 4-Day Weekend!

I was blessed with a much-needed 4-day weekend.  To top it off, my in-laws took my daughter for most of the weekend so we could go play. 
Last spring we went to Vegas for a few days and were lucky enough to watch the Beatles Love show that Cirque du Soleil put on.  For Christmas my husband bought us tickets to see Amaluna, another Cirque du Soleil show.   I was very excited. I had NO clue what the show was going to be about going in, but I was entertained. There were some very cheesy moments of filler in the middle, but overall I enjoyed it. My favorite part was the chinese acrobats. I can't believe some of the moves they can do!
Our 4-legged babies got spoiled with some extra attention, too.  We took our Jack Russell Terriers to the dog park.  The one on the left is more dominant. At the dog park, you never would have guessed it, though. When the big dogs came running, she cowered. If she could talk, you would probably hear her telling you that she was being picked on. The one on the right is very skittish. When the big dogs came running, she jumped right in the middle of the action. It was kind of nice to see their roles reversed a bit.
Other than that, I was able to tackle grading, planning, organizing, cleaning, and all of that other not-so-fun stuff because I had some time off.  I managed to get all caught up on updating my Magic Tree House packs.  I have 3 books left to complete to have the first 28 books in the series complete.  I also started working on two new files that should be complete sometime this spring. 

My little one came home yesterday before my game.  One of her 2-year molars finally popped through and I think she is cutting another tooth on the bottom row.  She has been chewing on her stuffed animals (not good), but needing some extra snuggles which I love.  In fact, she is just waking up from her nap now so I have to run!  Before I go, one last picture of my lil' sweetie pie on Valentine's Day.


Brenda, my blogging buddy from Primary Inspired is celebrating with an 800 follower giveaway.
This giveaway has three great prizes:
Lit Prize Pack
Math Prize Pack
Science/Social Studies Prize Pack
Three lucky people will get to walk away with one of the prize packs.  I donated my Roll & Cover Gameboards.  Head on over to enter.  Good luck!!

Aimee's 400 Follower Giveaway

Aimee from Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks recently reached 400 followers and she decided to celebrate with a giveaway. 

I am lucky that I get to help her out.  Go check out all of the items you can enter to win by clicking on the picture below. 

Roll & Cover Gameboards

One of the word work games my kids enjoy playing is roll and cover.  It is a lot like Bingo.  I teach my students three ways to play: 1-player, 2-player, and small group.  In the game, a student rolls a die.  There is a chart at the top of the page that tells the student what each number means.  The student must look for, correctly read, and cover the word that follows the rule.  If there aren't any words available, the student loses that turn.  Play continues until a student has covered four in a row.
I have created five different versions for my students to play:
Short Vowel (cvc)
Long Vowel (cvce)
Bossy R
Here is a pic of two of my students playing the game:
 Sometimes I laminate, sometimes I don't, but lately sheet protectors are my new best friend.  I print the gameboards on cardstock paper.  Then I insert them into sheet protectors.  There are two gameboards inside each sheet protector so the students always have two games to choose from.  As for cubes, I make my students keep them organized by color in stacks of five in our math manipulatives bin (yes, my OCD is shining brightly).  By using this organizational trick, students can quickly grab the cubes they need to play the games.

Do you want more information on my roll and cover gameboards?  Here are some pics of the product.  You can click on the images below to be taken to the TpT page for more information.

Mid-Winter Blues

I don't know about you, but I would love it if spring would drop by for a visit right about now.  Beth Ann from Taming My Flock of Firsties is having a Mid-Winter Blues Giveaway.  You can enter to win some great prizes.  I even donated my Penguins & Polygons file.  Head on over to check it out!!
Are you still looking for some activities for Valentine's Day?  I added this freebie to my TpT store.  Just click the picture to get your own copy.

Look What I Just Bought!

There's no shame in the game.  Everything I bought this time I really did need.  Here are three products that made the cut during this sale:
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We all know that opinion writing is a part of the new common core.  Since I will be introducing this to my second graders this spring, I thought this pack would provide some guided practice.
Pinned Image
 I have had my eye on this one for awhile.  I have been working very hard on teaching addition and subtraction strategies to my kiddos.  I have a lot of games, but we all know that second graders quickly tire of the same games.  These games look engaging, colorful, and fun for my kiddos.  I can't wait to get them into the classroom.

Pinned Image

My final purchase was my biggest splurge.  I have a TON of resources that explicitly teach addition strategies.  One of my best resources for subtraction just kind of breezes through each strategy.  I was looking for a way to supplement with additional practice for the kiddos. 

So, will you spill the beans and share what you bought during the big sale? 

{Drumroll, Please}, The Winner is . . .

 Thank you for taking the time to stop by and enter my 300 follower giveaway.  I am so grateful for my readers and would like to welcome my new followers.

Without further ado, the winner of the Rafflecopter is . . .

Lori S., I am sending you an e-mail right now.
If you didn't win, don't be sad.  I am having a 20% off sale on Sunday at my TpT store.   Plus, if you use the code SUPER at your checkout, you can save an additional 10%.

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