Bold and Italic Print & Groundhog Freebie

We continue to learn about the features of nonfiction text.  Last week we added bold and italic print to our list of features we can identify:

Luckily, students had some idea of what these features were all about.  They wanted to quickly point out that these features can be found in fictional text, too.  So we have also been working on how to read words in fictional text that use bold or italic print.  You should hear the exaggerated voices they use to try to mimic my examples.  For some students it has also become a competition to see who can tell me about the feature first.  You have to love their enthusiasm!

Here's a close-up of their scrapbooks for the features:

This week we have been working on labels and captions.  We've been teaching a lot about graphing, so I think it will be good to add graphs and tables to our booklets.

Last year I made a little Groundhog's Day Word Search.  Just click on the picture below to grab your free  copy.  If you can use it, I'd love it if you'd take the time to leave a little feedback.  Thanks!

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