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We're busy changing out the calendar, putting away the last of the Christmas stuff we have found lying around, and I'm trying to keep track of what day it is.  Since it's the New Year, that means it's a new month and time to link up with Farley.

One of my daughter's favorite gifts came from her daddy...a bag of building blocks.  She can play with those for almost an hour straight.  She will even ask one of us to help her build and then quickly points out, "Look, Mama - we're playing together".

I caught the cold a few weeks ago.  Normally, an annoying runny nose isn't enough to knock me off my feet, but it was bad enough for me to call in sick.  I figured I was off the hook.  Nope - lucky me caught it again on Christmas Day.  It was enough to send us packing a day early & for me to stay home while my husband and daughter went to his family's house for round 2.  Luckily I'm on the mend and able to get some projects done on the computer or I would be going stir crazy.  I do know that the extra rest is helping & my body is telling me to stay put so it can really heal up for good.

We have so many good things coming our way in 2014.  I've already mentioned that we are building our forever home, but that's not all I'm looking forward to.  Since one of my goals is to be a more consistent blogger, I'll just have to hold on to a few of those projects until the time is right to share :)

Since I'm trying to rest up, my best friends have been a bottle of water, the couch, pillows & blankets, the TV, and my laptop.  When a wave of productiveness hits, I grab the laptop and get going.  I've been working to finish up a large project.  I like where it's going and can't wait until it's finished.

My friend & teaching buddy spoiled me rotten with an amazing display of my favorite winter beverage - Starbucks hot chocolate.  I think I'll be drinking this stuff every day for years to come.  It's been the perfect treat on these cold, winter days!  Thanks, E :)

I've been waiting for that magical age when the Christmas spirit begins to come alive in my daughter.  This year was definitely one for the books.  We had an Elf on the Shelf that visited us this year.  He even found us when we were out of town.  It was amazing to listen to my daughter tell her cousins not to touch the elf or he would lose his magic.  Oh, and I still get a kick out of the way she opens her presents.  Every square centimeter of wrapping paper has to be removed (sometimes one square centimeter at a time) and immediately thrown into the garbage before she will marvel & delight in the surprise of the gift underneath. 

So that's what I'm currently up to.  Head on over to Farley's blog to see what everyone else is up to.


Daliene Hendon said...

I need a TIDAL wave of productiveness to hit me!!! :) Fun to find you through Farley!

Charlotte said...

Ohh, I know the magic of the elf. This year Santa left a letter to my daughter that he knew the only thing she wanted for Christmas was for "Holly" to stay and not go back to the North Pole. Holly stayed. My daughter is at the age where she's questioning. :(
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Carol Davis said...

Thanks for sharing your stories! My daughter is now 25 and I wish she were still small and marveling at the magic of Christmas. Hold on to these days- they go fast!

Teachers Are Terrific!

Mrs. Goodwin said...

My own kids are to old for Elf on the Shelf but I did have one for my classroom. I got it free 2 years ago from a give away on the website. It's so exciting to find new blogs to follow. I teach 2nd grade too and I especially love finding 2nd grade teachers to follow. I am so with you and have a goal to blog more this year. Best wishes with building your house. Sounds exciting.

Brandi said...

Christmas through a child's eyes is so magical. I love the wonder and excitement that this time of year brings.

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Megan @ I Teach. What's Your Super Power? said...

Now you made me want hot chocolate! I’m sorry you were sick during Christmas. Life’s no good when the momma gets sick!

I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

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