Gobstoppers Experiment

We have been making predictions in science.  I have been using a unit from Kristen Smith.  I thought this would be a great addition.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and followed the idea to its source:  Steve Spangler Science and knew it would be a perfect addition to the unit.

Keep reading to find out how to see this:

A couple of days ago I explained the experiment to the students and allowed them time to make predictions.  Many thought the Gobstoppers would rotate around the bowl, switch places with each other, or that the colors would mix randomly inside the bowl.  Today was the day we got to see what would happen.

We started with a white bowl filled with a little bit of water.

Next, we added four Gobstoppers.  The kids were sure to point out that I placed them like a compass rose - North, South, East, West.

Then, it was time to observe.  The kids noticed changes to the Gobstoppers right away.

Soon, the colors began spreading even more.

Finally, the students were able to observe that the colors spread, but stay separate.  One student pointed out that each color looked like a slice of pizza in the bowl. 

The last thing we did was record the outcome of the experiment.  The kids love these quick, simple experiments!  I love that they are learning to make predictions AND accept the fact that they will not always be right, but can find similarities and differences between their predictions and the outcome.

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