If I Lived in a Snow Globe

Winter is one of my favorite seasons to combine literacy and art.  There are so many great books out there that inspire art projects as an extension.  I'm not going to lie - this project is not original.  There are a million pins out there with similar projects.  I'm sure someone even has a snow globe template to make this easier.  This is just how I have interpreted the project in my room.

We read the book, The Snow Globe Family by Jane O'Connor.  I have to say that this book has quickly become one of my favorite winter read alouds.

We brainstormed all of the activities the family did while inside the snow globe.  Then students wrote a sentence telling what they would do if they lived in a snow globe.  I typed the sentences onto labels:

Next, a parent volunteer cut the pieces to make the snow globes (circles on light blue construction paper, trapezoids on black construction paper).  Students drew and colored a scene to match their writing.  Here are a few of the snow globes:

After the snow globes were put together, the sticky label was attached to the base of the student's snow globe and they were put up on a winter-themed bulletin board.  That's it!


Patty Rutenbar said...

Storie, These are adorable. Your snow globes fit my world perfectly. It's so cold today that we will not have school and may not go back until Thursday. Meanwhile being cooped up inside my house and watching the snow pile up outside gives me that snow globe feeling. Love this idea. I should do that when we return. I'm sure the kids will know how those kids felt!

Miss Trayers said...

Too cute! They did a great job with their illustrations. Almost makes me want to live in one! :)


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