No Two Snowflakes & a Winner

You know how they say no two snowflakes are alike?  My students took on that challenge and have created some amazing pieces.  I call it a Rainbow Blizzard.  This project is made using coffee filters, a spray bottle filled with water, food coloring, paper plates, and rubber gloves (to keep the hands dye-free).  

Check out their talented designs:

Here's a close-up of the poem at the bottom.  I type them up onto labels (1"x4", 20/pg) and stick them to the bottom. you remember this pack?  It's my newest creation.  Well, I owe a BIG thank you to everyone who entered.  Congratulations to Jessica for winning the pack (it should be in your inbox).  I have uploaded this one to TpT and it is on sale for the rest of the week.  Click on the picture below or click here to go check it out.

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