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It's Time!
My Monster Measurement Madness pack is finished and edited.  I'm just about ready to post upload this one to TpT.  I wanted to give my blog followers a chance to win this before you can even buy it.

In this pack there is an activity for each 2nd grade Common Core Measurement Standard. Below you can see a preview of (almost) all 78 pages of this file.  Yep, it's a big one!

If a visual representation isn't for you, here's a breakdown of the contents of the measurement pack:

Monsters on the Move
This section of the pack has activities for 2.MD.1, 2.MD.2, 2.MD.3, and 2.MD.4.  Students will measure objects around the classroom, draw line segments, choose appropriate tools in given measurement situations, measure line segments to the nearest inch and centimeter, choose the best estimate for measuring certain objects, and determine how much longer/shorter one object is than another.

Monster Math
This activity is for 2.MD.5.  Students will read measurement story problems.  Students will use addition and subtraction (less than 100) to solve the problems.

Monster Line-Up
This activity is for 2.MD.6.  Students will identify missing numbers on a number line.  Students will also show addition and subtraction on a number line.

Monster Time
This activity is for 2.MD.7.  Students will match digital and analog times.  Each time focuses on the 5-minute interval.

Money Monsters
This activity is for 2.MD.8.  Students will match money amounts written in two different ways.  One set of cards has money written in dollars and cents notation.  The second set of cards shows students the number of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, but not the total amount.  Students must find the total and match the card with the matching dollars and cents notation card.

Measuring Monsters
This activity is for 2.MD.9.  Students will write how tall different monsters are to the nearest centimeter using a ruler provided on each card.  In the follow-up activity, students will record each monster's height onto a line plot.

Monster Mash
This activity is for 2.MD.10.  Students will complete a tally chart and bar graph.  Students will then answer questions using the data recorded.

Now it's time for the fun part.  Use the Rafflecopter below to enter to win this pack before you can buy it.  This one is only open for a couple of days.  Good luck :)


Brandi said...

Love your blog design! I love to teach standard vs nonstandard units.

Success in Second Grade
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Andrea L. said...

I love getting to measure things around the room/parts of our bodies. I also like discussing standard/nonstandard units and why they're important. That's always a great discussion.

Here's my pin:

Disneymum (Kristi) said...

I love to teach time, as soon as they know that they stop asking when is lunch, when is snack lol

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