Extreme Makeover: Horrible Harry Edition

Not too long ago I shared that I had worked my tail off to update all of my Magic Tree House book packs.  Now I have finished updating my Horrible Harry packs, too.  Here's a quick peek at some before and after shots:

On the left is the newly updated product with some new fonts and graphics.  On the right is the original product.  It had a very distinct border, but was very heavy on the ink cartridge.  You can also see that before I was trying to squeeze the title, book cover, and book summary all onto one page.

 Now, the cover stands all alone and just lists the Common Core by code.  The new version puts the book summary and Common Core description onto one handy page for reference. 

All of the original content for each file is still in tact.  Every book pack has comprehension questions, sequence of events (exception is Horrible Harry in Room 2B which has a character chart instead), word search, and book quiz.  All pages come with answer keys so you can easily monitor comprehension. 

Each file has also been updated with new fonts and graphics.  The updated files include some NEW pages as well:

Now I'm off to finish the updates on my Magic School Bus series, too.  I'll share about those updates soon.

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