Extreme Makeover: Magic School Bus Edition

Okay, you've seen me share about my improvements to the Magic Tree House series and the Horrible Harry series.  Now I'm ready to share about the changes to the Magic School Bus series.  This series is written on a 3rd grade level, but I have had a lot of success using these books with my higher level 2nd grade readers.  You can also easily use them as read alouds and complete the comprehension questions verbally (or together) and monitor listening comprehension.

On the right, you will see the original cover.  It had a very simple, generic border and small text & graphics that didn't really catch your eye.  The new cover is on the left.  All of the books have a similar look to provide some uniformity for the series.

I'm not sure why, but I never included a book summary page with the original packs.  I made sure to include that now with a reminder about connections to Common Core standards. 

Here are some of the new pages that have been added to all of the Magic School Bus packs:

Here's a better look at the variety of "extras" that come with the different Magic School Bus packs.  While some packs have similar pages, each book pack created has pages unique to the topic being studied.

Once I finish the remaining 8 books in the set, I will put them all into a larger bundle pack.  These books are currently on sale in my store for the big TpT sale.  Head on over to check them out!

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