Extreme Makeover: Magic Tree House Edition

After I joined the world of Teachers Pay Teachers, some of the first items I added to my store were my Magic Tree House book packs.  I didn't know much about cover pages at the time so I just threw one together and uploaded.  

I must admit I never even thought to include an answer key.  I was always using these packs with my kids so I never bothered to make an answer key.  After listening to other teachers (and parents) who use my packs, sometimes they don't have time to read the book because they are using my pack to monitor comprehension during independent reading.

After adding answer keys to the book packs I had already created, I went back and completed book packs for the first 28 books in the series.  At this time I started adding small bundles and one MEGA bundle for those who love the series.  

Now I want to make sure that all of my products stay updated.  I decided to tackle a monster of a project and give my Magic Tree House packs a face lift.  Not only cosmetically, but I decided to improve the contents, too.  Here are some photos for comparison:

Now, the old packs contained questions, an answer key, and usually one "extra" (word search, vocab, ABC order, etc.).  Each new pack is guaranteed to have a word search AND vocabulary match-up page (a few books have even more extras than that).  

I have also added some new pages that can be used with all of the books (predictions, design a new cover, fact collection page, story summary, and story snapshots).  The final piece I changed was moving the book summary from the cover page to the second page and added Common Core alignment.  Here are some previews of those pages:

 Now that this big project is tackled, I started making improvements to my Horrible Harry packs.  Hopefully the newly revised packs will be uploaded to TpT soon!  After that, I will work on making improvements to my Magic School Bus packs (not to mention, actually finishing both series, too).  No wonder I'm so tired!!

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Casey Turner said...

Your new covers look awesome!!! Love! :)

Second Grade Math Maniac

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