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Turning the page for March means celebrating my little girl's birthday every year!  Here she is with her cake (yes, that's her BFF, Dora the Explorer).  She was a pro with blowing out her candles.  Opening presents took F.O.R.E.V.E.R. because she still peels off wrapping paper one square inch at a time.  For the gift bags that had tissue paper, she laid each sheet out on the ground and smoothed them out flat.  Gotta love her independent spirit!

Since she's taking a little break to come down from her sugar rush, I hopped on the computer to link up with Farley!

Listening - My daughter is watching Cinderella on TV.  Earlier today we celebrated her birthday with cake, ice cream, and presents (most of which apparently were delivered by Santa).  

Loving - We have had many rainy days.  This past week we have seen some sunshine rays.  Even though it's still cold, it's nice to get a little natural vitamin D therapy!

Thinking - What should I read next?  I finished Divergent.  It's between Sycamore Row, The Storyteller, and Insurgent.

 Wanting - I really want to thank each and every person who has supported me on my TpT journey.  When I started I had no idea I would ever get one tiny little sale.  Slowly I have built my store and tried to make improvements.  I am truly blessed to have so many people believe in the products I make.  If you're one of my supporters, THANK YOU!!!

Needing - What's for dinner?  This mama is hungry!  Yes, I just had cake and ice cream a few hours ago, but my tummy is grumbling.  We don't usually plan for meals on Saturday, but the leftovers in the fridge are not sounding so appealing right now.  Hmm....round two of cake?

? ? ? ? ? ? -  I am thinking of a question in my head.  The answer is quilting, Australia, and swim with dolphins.  Can you think of my question?

Head on over to Farley's newly updated blog to see what everyone else is currently up to:


Kimberly Ann said...

Love that your little one thinks Santa brought her presents!

Kimberly Ann
Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

Marie Annette said...

awww love her independent spirit! :)
grabbed your button! lets swap?

marie from

Kayla Shook said...

Glad y'all are seeing some sunny days! I love the sunshine! :) As for your question: What am I going to (or wishing to) do this summer?

Erin said...

I love that big, cheesy smile! Boy, is she happy to be celebrating!!! Your blog is adorable! So happy to find you through Farley's linky!
Short and Sassy Teacher

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