Inspiration, New Products, and More!

I saw this today and it spoke to my heart.  Teaching is one of the hardest jobs, but one of the most rewarding at the same time.  I will certainly miss it this year!

I'm home with my two kiddos full time this year.  When I have a spare moment I have been busy creating some new products and updating others.  As you can imagine, spare time is hard to come by with a newborn, toddler, and husband who is busy helping to build our new house!  

A new product I created was for Gooney Bird Greene.  This book is perfect for 2nd graders.  I use it when we are building stamina for writing.  Gooney Bird Greene tells absolutely true stories and the kids can't help but want to write just like her. 

I just completed the remaining books in The Magic School Bus chapter book series.  This wasn't an easy task because there are 20 different books all on a wide-range of science topics.  I love the books because they really draw students in with a combination of fiction and nonfiction.  Since the series is finally complete, I was able to put all of the book packs into a bundle.  Here are some pictures to see what's included:

Finally, if you're following my Facebook page you already know that I recently updated my Chocolate Touch pack.

Up next I'll be updating my book tub labels, dice game packs, & working to finish the Horrible Harry series.  Whew!  Just reading that goal makes me tired!

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