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I usually get to listen to The Today Show each morning, as long as my daughter doesn't turn off the t.v., that is.  This morning they keep showing clips of the song Truly Brave which is a mash-up of Brave (Sara Bareilles) and True Colors (Cyndi Lauper).  We both watched the video when it first debuted and had to watch it again because she loved it so much.  If you haven't seen it yet, it will tug at your heartstrings!

The second floor of our house is being worked on as we speak.  They are just starting to put up the walls, but you can actually stand up there.  I cannot even describe how it feels to see your dreams come true.  I'm in heaven!!

My little guy's costume arrived last week.  He is going to be a crab.  Not because he's crabby, but I thought the costume was adorable!  My daughter is 3 1/2.  When asked what she wanted to be for Halloween this year, she said, "I want to be a pumpkin like a jack-o-lantern.  If I can't be that, I want to be myself".  So, being a good mom I got online and started looking for costumes.  I finally found one that didn't make her look like 3 going on 15.  Unfortunately, the day I showed it to her, she decided maybe she'd rather be Belle or Ariel.  Go figure!  

Did anyone else see the movie preview for The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks?  It caught my attention enough to go put the book on hold at the library.  There are only 2 people ahead of me so I should be reading it soon.

Sleep regression is in full force at our house.  My little guy has stopped sleeping through the night - ugh!  I am not a happy girl when I'm tired.  I function, but I am emotional and my patience is shortened greatly.  It's hard not to be frustrated when you see the clock says 1, 2, 3, or even 4 a.m.  However, when I look in on him to see if he's just stirring or wide awake and see a big smile and hear giggles, it melts away (mostly).

Trick or Treat
Thanks for sticking with me on this one.  I have put all of my math games on sale for a few days.  Go grab something from your wishlist while you can.


Literacy Spark said...

Ha we do have a lot in common today! We actually just moved two months ago into a house that we had built. Love it!! On the positive side, at least we both get to stay home. Although sometimes I wonder if work would take my mind off things.

Literacy Spark

Lindsay said...

I LOVED the Brave song! See -- Hoda is just precious!! Love her!!

I also am needing some sleep -- One day my sweet baby will sleep, and then I'll be having to TRY and get him out of bed. ONE DAY! haha

Primary Polka Dots

Everyone deServes to Learn said...

I hope you get some sleep soon! I bet a crab costume is so cute- love to see babies all dressed up!


Marcia said...

Hope rest comes soon. I am downloading The Best of Me on my iPad to read this weekend. Decided my projects and house can wait. I can't start it until progress reports are ready. I am a cover to cover reader so I will be up late reading. I better get started on my grades and reports!

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