What's on Your Wish List?

There's something about a sale that sends a little shiver of excitement up my spine.  Once I heard about the sale, I immediately went to update my wish list.  I'm a little embarrassed to even mention how many products were on there.  Let's just say there were multiple pages worth of great items.  Unfortunately, I am home this year with my little ones, so I don't have a great need for anything academic....believe me, I tried to justify a couple of purchases, but they will have to wait for a spring sale.

I was drawn to this linky party because not only does it focus on what I want to buy, but it gave me an excuse to make sense of my product statistics.  I went in to see which of my products were the most wish listed items in my store.  I thought I knew, but I was surprised.  Here are the top two wish listed products from my store:

This was one of my first products and one of my top sellers.  I recently updated the file to add a few more labels to the mix.  It also has editable pages so you can add your own labels to match if they aren't included in the file.

This has one of the games my students love to play all year long in it (Take 10).  It is great for practicing tens partners.  By the end of the year, most of my second graders can take it a step further and look for 3-addends to make 10, rather than just tens partners.

Clipart - does that count as one item?  Ha!  Here are some of the items I am looking at right now.  


So, what's on your wish list?  Head over to TpT on Mon, or Tues. to snag some AMAZING deals!  You can also click here to share some of your favorite December resources and win something from my store.

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