Grab a Book, Take a Look (Reading Response Sheets & More)

I finally finished a project I have been working on for years.  With every reading strategy I taught and every small group I worked with, I found that I wasn't always able to find a "just right" reading response sheet.  So, what does a teacher do in this situation?  She starts making her own. 

This ended up being FAR BIGGER than I ever planned.  It's up to 152 pages (minus a small handful for the cover, page dividers for sections, and credits).  Still, we're talking 140+ pages of content.  No wonder it took me so long.  I'm sure I'll still be adding to this as the years pass.  For now, here's what I have included.
 Now, all of the above appeal to primary students with graphics and fun themes.  How does this pack work for older students?  

 I added a "Keeping it Simple" section.  Here, the pages have similar content, but the appearance is much more streamlined with one matching border and one small graphic in the corner of each page.

 I also added some "extras".  I put in blank monthly reading calendars, reading logs, wishlists, and weekly reading graphs.  Then I had a little TOO much fun and added a bunch of bookmarks I have been making over time.

This product is available in my store for $10, but I am putting it on sale for 50% off for a couple of days.  I'd say that's quite a steal.  Just click on the image above to read more about this pack.

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