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Happy New Year!

I'm back, but only for a flash.  The hubby must have sensed I had the desire to clean because he helped keep the kiddos occupied so I could do just that.  Luckily I was only working on my closet, dresser, and other pile-up areas because let's face it:

My cleaning spree will be part of the next giveaway fun.  If you can correctly match the answers to the descriptions, you can choose an item from my store ($5 or less). 

The answers are 2, 4, and 6.

The descriptions are:
# of hours spent cleaning
# of bags to be donated
# of bags for garbage 

To enter, send me an e-mail ( with the subject heading Cleaning Spree.  In the message, leave me your answer AND the product you would pick (click here to shop my TpT store).  Do not leave your answer in the comments.  Please have your answer submitted no later than Sat. Jan 3rd at 9 a.m. PST.  Only one entry per person.  I will announce the winners here on Sat., but I will send the prizes via e-mail.  Good luck!  

The answer to the last guessing game was Dora and Alana (though I'm sure my daughter WISHES they had been under the tree).  There were only 4 winners who guessed correctly (Priscilla, Brigette, M.L., and Tina) & your products are on their way very soon! The largest number of you (13 people) guessed the golf clubs.  Her papa sent them to her for Christmas.  We're still working on her form and NOT using the clubs like a baseball bat.  Ha!!  

Time is running out to win the TpT gift certificate.  Make sure you have your entries in before it's too late!

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