Air & Weather Freebies, Day 3 - Songs & Poems

Welcome to Day 3 of the Air & Weather freebies! I'm so glad you are back for more.  In case you are just joining in on the fun, you can read about Day 1 here and Day 2 here. Today's focus:

I love integrating these songs and poems into our unit.  They come in handy when something doesn't go as planned.  Kids ask to read  their books with partners during Daily 5, in the hallway while waiting for specialists, and even if we pack up a minute or two early (rare occasion, I tell you).  They are also great to leave for a sub because they are easy to work with.  Oh, and you can be a terrible singer like me and your students will still think you're a rock star!

Click on the picture below for today's freebies:

I hope you have gathered some great resources.  Come back again tomorrow for more freebies!

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