Air & Weather Freebies, Day 4 - A Hodgepodge of Freebies

Welcome to Day 4 of the Air & Weather freebies!  If you are just joining in on the fun, you can play catch up here (Day 1Day 2Day 3)

Today's focus:

As you are collecting books for your unit, here are some graphic organizers your students can use in small groups: 

If you're looking for some great read alouds, here are three I recommend:
If you need them, there are book companion packs for each located here, here, and here (sorry, but these aren't freebies).    

I know my students do NOT get enough practice reading thermometers.  Here's a little practice page I created:

We can always use a little review of contractions.  Here's a weather-themed one: 

ABC order with some of our unit vocabulary: 

....and for fun - a word search: 

Click on the picture below for today's freebies:

I hope you have gathered some great resources over the past 4 days!  Thanks for letting me share some of my favorite Air & Weather resources with you.

Happy Teaching!

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