Sunday Scoop (4.12.15)

Have To
My son will be 10 months old very, very soon.  For the first year, I keep a little list of all of details each month so I won't forget.  After the first year ends, I print off those pages, collect photos, and put together a scrapbook.  Here's a peek at my daughter's book:

In our home, there are some staples: beef, chicken, and pasta (though not altogether - eeewwww).  I saw this recipe over on Megan's blog and now I want to try to make my own.  I think I'll also have to include one of our favorites - Buffalo Chicken Pasta.  As for the beef recipe, I'm still searching....

The last thing I need to do is prioritize my projects.  On my last count, I have 17 projects in the works.  Of those 17, 9 are projects I have had on my to-do list for months (maybe even a year).  6 are projects that popped into my brain for ideas and 2 are requests from other teachers.  I need to take the time to write a numbered list of the order I should complete them so when I have an hour each night, I can make the most of that time.  I did make my desktop pretty and organized into categories, but now I just need to rearrange the projects into the right order so I can click and complete!

Hope To
A girl can dream about driving around in a clean car, right?  

A little while back I mentioned that I kept postponing getting my kids in for their pictures.  Well, I did it and I might be biased, but I think they turned out pretty great.  Here's one that the photographer captured of the kiddos together (this was not planned).
I also realized I need to update the photos already on our walls.  Let's hope I get the motivation (and a few minutes of downtime) to get those changed out!

Happy To
This word takes on a few different meanings.  In general, color makes me happy.  If that color is found in polka dots or stripes, it gets extra bonus points.  But seriously, my daughter asked me if I would color with her.  My response?  Of course.  Little does she know, but coloring is actually quite relaxing for me!

I'm also wanting to add a little pop of color into the kids' bathroom.  I've been looking at some fun prints to put on the walls.  Here are a few I have found that might be perfect with some slight color changes:

What's on your list of things to do today?  Head over to The Teaching Trio to link up!

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Jasmine Hall said...

I love your baby book. That is creative. I also need to organize my projects as well. Have a great day!!!

Jasmine H.

The Dots of Teaching

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