Sunday Scoop (4.19.15)

It's Sunday, so I'm linking up with the Teaching Trio for the Sunday Scoop.  I decided to work in reverse order today:

Happy To
Every few months, my in-laws graciously invite my daughter to come visit for a few days at their house which is about 3 hours away.  Not only does this give her some special attention from her grandparents, it allows me to get a few projects done during the baby's nap time.  My productivity has been amazing, but now it's back to reality!

Hope To
Last week I shared a blog post about writing during the Daily 5 block.  It inspired me to share more about what I do to teach writing in my classroom.  I started writing a post about friendly letters and I hope to have it finished later this week.  After that I'd like to work on how-to and opinion writing.

My computer files are a mess.  Seriously.  My time on the computer is unpredictable, so often I find myself downloading something super quick.  When I do this, I don't rename the file and take the time to place it where it belongs.  I spent an hour last night before bed working on it and I still have a ways to go.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this.  How many days does it take to form a new habit?  I need to work on this....

Have To
We have been invited to a few birthday parties in the next few weeks.  My daughter picked out the presents and now I just need to wrap them.  

Easter wasn't that long ago, but I want to get the plastic eggs put away before I trip or find one hiding under the couch.  I am fully aware that there will be a day my daughter opens up our storage closet, finds the eggs, and decides it's time to hunt for them around the house.  Until then, I want them out of sight!

I invested in a Fitbit a few months ago.  I'm getting closer to reaching 10,000 steps every day, but not quite there yet.  If I put out my goal in the blogging universe, it's like holding myself accountable, right?  Ha!  I should probably move this one to "hope to" since I'll be stuck in the car for many hours today.  

Head over to the Teaching Trio to see what everyone else is doing today!


Cathy Whitehead said...

I totally feel your pain about the computer files! Cleaning up my computer and Dropbox files is at the top of my summer to-do list. :)

ShaiEducator said...

I try my hardest to keep my computer files organized but between what I download at school and what I download at home I'm not doing a very good job!

Beth said...

I absolutely love my FitBit. I've had one since they first came out and when it's not charged or I forget it, I'm totally lost. Send me a note if you want to be buddies...I am good at making friends accountable ;-) Enjoy your week!

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