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HGTV and I are becoming besties.  I'm not sure I could ever get into being a house flipper, but my husband could!  I just love watching the transformations.

Mondays?  Who loves Mondays?  This girl!  It's the one time each week that I get some time for me.  That means I go play soccer for an hour AND spend time catching up with friends!

I have a 4-year old and 10-month old - enough said!

Our grill is on the fritz and we have a ton of steaks in the freezer.  I'm trying to find some recipes for them that do not involve the grill.  Ugh!

The cold bug hit our house.  My daughter had it on Tuesday.  By Wednesday I got it.  By Friday my son started showing the signs.  The hubs will probably escape it, as usual!

Yes, I will get to visit my family this summer.

I hope we'll be able to move into our new home by the end of summer.  It's looking more like fall, but a girl can dream!

I wish I was able to make it to Vegas for the TpT conference.  I missed it last year because I had a newborn.  This year my hubby is working on our new home, so finding time to escape without the kids is just not in the cards.  Maybe next year!  


Everyone deServes to Learn said...

You are one busy mama! Broil the steaks in the oven- takes about the same time as grilling. Maybe I'll see you in Vegas next year!


A Teacher's Journey said...

I also love Mondays! I believe Mondays are a fresh start! It's the beginning of the week and I always try to make it great to set the mood for the rest of the week! Good luck with the move into your new home!

Karmen said...

My hat goes off to you! I have a six year old and ask myself from time to time... WHy do I clean as well... He comes right behind me just to mess it up! Good Luck with moving into your new home.. When I purchased my home they changed the closing date so many times!!!!! It was quite nerve racking to say the least...

Suzanne said...

Hi! We do not have cable anymore and I do miss watching HGTV sometimes. We went to Denver for spring break and I got to watch some in our hotel. I saw Flip or Flop. Incredible transformations. I just discovered I can watch House Hunters on Netflix! It is so much better without commercials too :)
Kindergarten Planet

Carol Davis said...

My George Foreman grill gets used at least once a week. It saves me the trouble of firing up the big grill and it's not too hard to clean up. I am so glad to hear someone that loves Mondays! I don't love them, but I don't mind going to work either! Have a great weekend!
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