Sunday Scoop (7.5.15)

First of all, I wish I could tell you my bags were packed and that I was on my way to Vegas.  Sadly, it just isn't in the cards for me this year if I ever want my husband to finish our new home.

So there I was, blogging to the world about needing consistency in swim class for my daughter.  Not two days later, she bumped her head, had it glued shut (no stitches), and has been told no water for a whole week.  I jinxed it - silly me!!  I will spare you the photo of the ugly aftermath of her injury.

I'm not sure if I was feeling super motivated one day or just crazy, but I decided it was time to update my Magic Tree House packs.  Updates and cosmetic changes are not unheard of, but there are 28 books in the series, not to mention I have several bundle options available.  This one will take awhile, but I'm hoping to finish the updates by the end of the month.

I also finished up a holiday project and a new page for my son's scrapbook.  I need to get pictures taken of those today for my next blog post.

Last week at swim class, there was a summer camp for older children going on outside.  My daughter saw the kids making these and begged me to try them.  I said maybe.  Now that I have to keep my daughter out of the pool, this sounds like a great hands-on project.  I'm also hoping to get another page or two finished for my son's scrapbooks.

I wouldn't say this book is in my top 10 of all time, but it's definitely an interesting read, especially if you like John Grisham's style of writing.  I'm almost to the end, so I'm happy to carve out a little reading time to finish it. 

Head on over to the Teaching Trio to see what everyone else is up to today:


Nicole said...

I am loving carving time out for reading!!!! And I too won't be in Vegas:(

Lana said...

I'm not going to Vegas, either! So sorry to hear about swim lessons. How awful! My five year old just finished his first swim class. We hope to do one more this summer.

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