Five for Friday

I'm back to link up with Kacey again this week.

Yesterday my daughter started preschool.  I took a handful of pictures hoping at least one would turn out decent.  I think this explains how both of my kids felt about her starting school:

It's finally my turn to check this one out on my Kindle.  I hope it's worth waiting for!

The official first day of fall might not be until next week, but we decided to make some yummy applesauce muffins.  My little helper loves measuring, pouring, and mixing.  Now, if she would just keep her fingers out of the batter.....

Meet my clean-up crew.  Do you see those little spots on the floor that they missed?  Those were just a few of the attempts my son made to make friends during lunchtime (the rest of the evidence was gone before I could take the pic).  Apparently the dogs take after me and don't eat all of their veggies, either.

My husband has been a slave to our new home.  This month he is doing the tile floors, so we're trying our best to stay out of his hair.  He is also going to start assembling cabinets, too.  It's a slooooooooowwwwww process, but still very exciting!


ithappenedin3rd said...

Hope you enjoy the book! I couldn't put it down.

Teaching Autism said...

Wow - you've had a super busy week! Loving the photos of your kids!

Teaching Autism

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