Horrible Harry's New Look

Horrible Harry has been a classroom staple for several years now.  There's just something about the kids of Room 2B (and 3B) that kids can relate to and enjoy.  While I still love my packs, it was time to give them a bit of a makeover.

The first change was the cover - meet the not-so-new, but definitely improved, Harry:

 The next thing I changed was the borders and fonts, I added an option for lines on the comprehension question pages, and I made sure each chapter had it's own dedicated page.  This left some blank spaces at the bottom of several pages, but it leaves a great opportunity to have students stop and draw a visualization, tackle vocabulary in context, or even to write (predictions, summaries, open-ended questions, etc.):

There are a few new pages added, too.  There was already an option for writing a summary, but I know some teachers prefer to teach retell with this age group so now you have both options.  I also added a reading journal cover so you can make reading packets.  Finally, I included two options for character pages in each packet (character web and character traits with text evidence).  All of the books with Song Lee in the title have the pages with Song Lee as the main character; the rest have Harry.

If your kids love Harry as much as mine do, you should check out this flip book & door craft that can be used with any book in the Horrible Harry series:

If you've already purchased these packs, just go back into your purchases and download the updated files at no charge.  If you've had these packs on your wishlist, head over to grab them while they are on sale!

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