Are You Ready to Shop 'Til You Drop?

Black Friday shopping has never been my thing.  I prefer online shopping from the comfort of my home.  If you love shopping online, too, you are going to LOVE the upcoming Cyber Sale at Teachers Pay Teachers!

One of the features I love most about TpT is the option to wishlist items for future purchases, especially when I'm trying to pinch pennies.  As a seller, I can keep tabs on the statistics of my products and see which products are being wishlisted in return.  Here are three of my most wishlisted items right now (click on the pictures below to learn more about each product):
I first created these worksheets to give my students more choices and variety when working with their spelling lists.  This bundle will work with any 10 spelling words and most of the activities are editable so you can type your own words right onto the pages before printing!

This product was created for my friend, Erin.  She needed a new game for her second graders to practice while teaching arrays.  I ended up creating two different games, activities for building arrays using spinners and dice, and a few practice pages, too.

This third item is one of my favorite creations of all time.  When I first started math workshop in my classroom, I found a need for more individual activities that weren't the traditional pencil and paper variety.  I ended up creating a series of dice games that can be used over and over again with different results.  This bundle includes three smaller packs of addition and subtraction dice games.  I also have packs for multiplication and division.

If you are looking to learn a little more about what will be on sale, check out Jen's post over at Teaching in the Tongass:

Happy Shopping!

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Ms. Julie aka Southern Teacher said...

I've loving the dice games! Have the multiplication and division ones in my cart!

Teaching in the Tongass said...

Thanks so much for linking back and linking up!

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