Favorite Chapter Books to Read Leading up to Thanksgiving

When possible, I like to keep with themes and holidays for my reading groups.  Since I teach 2nd grade, many of my students are reading chapter books.  One of my favorite books to read with my level M readers is Thanksgiving on Thursday.  I love the way Mary Pope Osborne has woven nonfiction elements into a fictional story.  It really gives students a lot of knowledge without overwhelming them.

Pilgrims is the nonfiction companion to Thanksgiving on Thursday. This book lends itself so well to teaching facts about the time period in a way second graders can understand. 

I have Junie B. books on hand because many of my students fell in love with her books in first grade, but can now read them independently in second grade.  In this book, Junie B.'s class is participating in a contest by creating lists of the things they are thankful for.

Like Junie B., Freddy is a first grader, but second graders will still connect with the humor and plot in these books.  In this book Freddy's class is preparing to perform a Thanksgiving play.  Nobody wants to play the part of the turkey....especially Freddy.

I have created book packs for each of the chapter books above to use with my guided reading groups.  Click on the images below if you're interested:


Do you have any favorite chapter books to read to or with your students? 

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