Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts for Little Ones

We are definitely counting down the days to Thanksgiving around our house.  While we wait (sometimes impatiently), we create!

Earlier this week, my daughter browsed through my Pinterest board and chose three project she wanted to make at home.

The first project was a Thankful Pie (inspired by this pin). We needed two paper plates, construction paper, stickers, glue, a pen, and a brad (which we borrowed from her preschool teacher).  

The second project was a Name Turkey(inspired by this pin).  We needed a paper plate, brown crayon, googly eyes, construction paper, scissors, and glue.
PS - I did the tracing, but she cut out the turkey feathers, beaks, and wattles all by herself!

The third project was a Turkey Puppet(inspired by this pin).  We needed a paper bag, googly eyes, construction paper, scissors, glue, and a stapler (to hold those turkey feathers together before we glued).

And as an added bonus, she got to create two more turkeys at preschool:
The smaller one has the cutest legs made from yarn and red sticker stars.  It even has a safety pin on the back so it can be worn as a pin on Thanksgiving!

Now she's just waiting to have a delicious Thanksgiving feast! 

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