Christmas Crafts for Kids

Do you want to know what's been keeping little hands busy in my house this December?

It all started with a not-so-little visit to Pinterest:

My daughter likes window shopping from the comfort of home just as much as I do.  I love crafting with her, so I didn't mind that her wishlist was a mile long!  Over the course of about 10 days, here are the projects my daughter accomplished:

Reindeer Drawing
Materials used: white paper, pencil, a black sharpie (Mom), and watercolor paints.  

The idea she first picked from Pinterest came from Artventurous, but we combined the idea with a reindeer drawing from Jennifer @ First Grade Blue Skies.  

Reindeer Ornament
Materials used: popsicle sticks, small wooden pieces, brown paint, glue, googly eyes, red pom, and pipe cleaners.

This was a blending of two great craft ideas from I Heart Crafty Things and Crafts for All Seasons.  

Christmas Name Projects
Materials used: paper, pencil, sharpie (Mom), scissors, and glue.

These were inspired by Miss Kindergarten and The Roberts Gang.  

Paper Plate Santa Claus
Materials used: paper plate, scissors, paper, watercolor paints, googly eyes, red pom, and glue.

This idea came from I Heart Crafty Things.  

Photo Reindeer & Elves
Materials used: paper, paint, cotton balls, red poms, scissors, glue, and photographs printed in black & white.  My daughter decided she wanted to paint a "patter-en" (as she calls it) for the arms and legs rather than try the accordion fold.  I helped with the antlers, elf hat, and elf shoes.  We decided to make Little Mister a reindeer, too!

Both of these pins were dead ends.  If you know the original sources, please share!

Ribbon Wreath Plate
Materials used: paper plate, hole punch, and ribbon.  This was a great lesson in patience and weaving for her.  The plate was done just in time to hold the cookies we brought to share for her preschool Christmas program!

I found this idea links back to Simply Southern.  

Ornament Art
Materials used: paper, paint, plastic fork, scissors, glue, and sharpie (Mom).  She will be giving these cards to her teachers at school along with their gifts.

The inspiration for these cards came from Red Ted Art.  

I hope something caught your eye and you'll give it a try.  Now I'll leave you with this:

Merry Christmas!

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