2 for Tuesday (7.21.15)

It's Tuesday, so I'm back with two more great deals to help you prepare for next school year!

First up is my Roll & Cover Game Board Bundle.  These games are great for both first and second graders to use during your word work rotation or even during small group time.  I have included directions on how students can use independently, as partners, or in small groups (6 or fewer).  Here are some previews:

My second deal is my Grab a Book, Take a Look pack.  This pack is filled with graphic organizers you can use with a variety of books.  There are response sheets for both fiction and nonfiction.  There are graphic organizers with clipart that is appealing to younger students as well as a more streamlined section of organizers for older students.  I have also included book review pages, bookmarks, and reading calendars in the pack.

Here are some pictures of the pages in action:

These packs are marked down significantly for today only.  Grab them while you can!

Don't forget that today's the last day for my Magic Tree House sale.

If you love a great deal as much as I do, be sure to head over to Chalk One Up for the Teacher and look around!

Monday Made-It (7.20.15)

Happy Monday!  I'm back with a few more things to share with you this week.
My first project was making a few changes to my TpT storefront.  This is something I've had on my to-do list, but I've been putting it off for months.  The first thing I did was add some graphics to the text box by my profile thanks to this tutorial from Mrs. Fultz's Corner:

The second change was a bit more subtle, but still adds a little character to the custom categories.  I used this tutorial from Glitter Meets Glue Designs:

My second project this week is something new for me.  I've been delving into the Cam Jansen series and I wanted to create something my students could use with ANY book in the series.  At first I came up with a simple flip book, and then I took it one step further and decided my students could get a little creative, too!  There's a camera craft included in the pack and the camera can be used as a reading response booklet.   

You can learn more about this pack by clicking on the picture below:

Well, that's all I've been working on this week.  Check out the link over at 4th Grade Frolics:

Magic Tree House Makeover Madness

I've been SUPER busy making changes to my Magic Tree House packs.  This has not been an easy task.  There are 28 books in the series that I have packs for.  I also have 5 different bundle options for these books.  If you're doing the math, that was 33 packs to update (previews, product descriptions, etc.). I told you it wasn't easy!

I have been reading feedback from my buyers and have tried to include several requests in this update.  The first change was the cover style.  This was just a simple cosmetic fix.  Here's the before and after:

I have had many buyers suggest keeping every chapter on a separate sheet of paper.  Normally I prefer to save paper, but I started to think the extra space could REALLY come in handy.  It would be a great place for extra vocabulary practice, drawing visualizations, making predictions, and more!  So, every chapter has its own page now!  Another common piece of feedback I have received about my book packs is the desire to have lines for students to write their answers.  Since all students have different sized handwriting, I wasn't sure of the best way to do this.  I decided that two lines would fit well in the space to at least guide students.  If two lines doesn't work for your students, never fear - I kept the original, unlined version in the packs, too!  You can see both of those updates here:

You'll be happy to know I added some new pages to the packs.  The first is a reading journal cover.  I make packets for my students and these will be used as the covers for their packets.  It's a great way to tie in the theme of the book.  The second addition is a compare & contrast page for Jack and Annie.  You can see those additions here:

Finally, I included black & white copies of all of the extras to help you save ink!

With all of these changes and additions, the value of these packs has increased.  Never fear, I'm putting all of my Magic Tree House packs on sale for the next 48 hours so you can still score a great deal!  However, if you already own my Magic Tree House packs, just go into your purchases and download the revisions for free.  I hope you enjoy all of the updates!

Two for Tuesday (7.14.15)

My first deal for today is my Brain Breaks pack.  I know many people are using Go Noodle, but sometimes technology doesn't cooperate so it's handy to have these in your teaching toolbox!


Your next deal of the day is my Spelling Worksheets Bundle.  It even has EDITABLE pages so you can add your own word lists!

Both of these packs are marked down for today only. Check them out!

Then head over to Cyndie's blog to check out even more deals for today! 

Monday Made-It (7.13.15)

I can't believe it's already Monday again.  The summer seems to be flying by so quickly.  Even more exciting is that I have a few more projects to share with you this week.

This is my third Erin Condren planner.  The first year I had a teacher planner and it was a lifesaver!  Last year I was home with my kiddos and I decided to splurge for the life planner.  This year I will be home again and decided the life planner was a bit much for my little life.  I opted to get the calendar notebook.  If you're not familiar, it's made up of two of my favorite features: monthly calendars and to-do lists.  My personality enjoys lists because I get THE MOST satisfaction out of crossing things off when they are finished.  

I love the color scheme of the planners and the ability to fill the pages with a lot of writing.  However, sometimes a list would get lost in the sea of nearly-identical pages.  I had to think of a way to fix this.  I measured the page of my planner and decided a 6.5x1 rectangle would fit well.  Then I made a list of the type of lists I would make the most often (yes, I realize how silly this sounds).  I got to work fancying them up on the computer.  I printed them on full sheet Avery labels, cut, and stuck them to the top.  Here's what the project looked like:

Since I often make the same types of lists, I made several for each type of list and put the extras in the back.  It sure does make it easier to flip between pages to find what I'm looking for now!

If you follow me on Facebook, I gave a sneak peek into this next project.  My store has a ton of book packs to use.  I have a few series bundles, but wanted a way to provide a bit more choice for some of my buyers who buy multiple book packs at one time, not always from the same series.  So, Build a Book Bundle was born:

 I hope you'll find this option useful!  If you're interested, click on the pics below to check them out!

I managed to squeak out a little chunk of time for my son's scrapbook again.  I made this page almost identical to his sister's page.  I just love the color scheme (the blue is much more vibrant on the page than it shows in the picture) and remembering just how tiny those fingers and toes start out!  
 P.S. - I have not figured out the best way to take photos of scrapbook pages yet.  If you have any tips, I'd love to hear them!

Well, that's it for this week.  
Do you need inspiration for your next project?  
Head over to 4th Grade Frolics to see some creations!

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