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Happy New Year!  I'm starting off 2016 by linking up with Farley.

After Christmas my kiddos stayed with my in-laws for several days.  They got some quality time with their grandparents, cousins, and their aunt & uncle.  I managed to clean the house, enjoy hot cups of coffee each morning, and kick my production levels into overdrive!  

Meanwhile, our new home is getting closer to being done.  My husband has been working on the doors and trim.  We will be getting our counter tops installed soon and my wheels are already spinning ahead to where everything will go and what to put on the walls.

My little word is not so little to me.  I choose JOY.  This looks like a Christmas tree, but I love the message so much: 

Head over to Farley's blog to see how other people have started the new year!

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Mrs. Bartel's School Family (Alyce) said...

I pretty much LOVE the Christmas tree and what it says. I'm definitely going to write it down. Have fun decorating!!

Carol Martinez said...

I LOVE the solitude of a quiet house! Enjoy your productivity and your new home improvements!
Best wishes in the new year!

Brittany Naujok said...

The new home sounds exciting. I'm happy and excited for you. I'll have to remember what the little tree says. That is very profound.

Raye said...

I've seen several people select "Joy" as their OLW this year. That tree is super cute and reflects the word very well. We can all use a little more joy in our lives.

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